The Artist known as INKSAP

creates works of art that can be found outdoors in the streets and indoors in galleries with layers of repetition, organic movement, and folding. 

Since 2015, his journey started by incorporating environmental issues and initiatives into his street installations. His debut work, titled Xuanha, depicted a girl wearing a mask and carrying a tree. Well received and collected, INKSAP went on to create more figures in this manner. As he found the streets to be more liberating than academics and curation, his focus shifted towards public works. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, he has also installed works in cities such as Tokyo, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Budapest, and various cities in China. Over time, his work evolved into exploring his Vietnamese heritage and the complexities of his parent's journey to the U.S. INKSAP achieves this through drawing refugees and his own family. His DNA is a true reflection of his progress and is held together by the message; how can we leave this world better than when we had started?

His current works are titled Artifacts. An ARTIFACT is living art collected and made from urban material. After art is installed in the street and interacts with its environment, the finished process is collected and archived with INKSAP's DNA.

In addition to his paintings, the Artist created Trash Tac; an origami pattern folded from found newspapers that creates a barrier between trash and your fingers when picking up.  

The Art of INKSAP is internationally recognized with a devote following from east coast critics to west coast creatives and around the world again. In essence, the experience between the art and the viewer, both in the streets, is a true testament to the talent of the artist known as INKSAP.